Safety First – Robert Pattullo’s story

Many of you will have heard about local farmer Robert Pattullo’s altercation with a bull on his Puketitiri farm earlier this year. We met up with Robert recently and heard first hand about his harrowing experience and how he attributes his survival to the safety precautions that he had in place, in particular his bike helmet and personal locator beacon.

Firstly, a well fitted quad bike helmet can save you from serious head injuries. Quadsafe Elite ATV helmets can be purchased online at and are priced from $172.50 (incl GST).

Secondly, a personal locator beacon (PLB) can be vital in locating you in the event of an accident, especially as cell phones can be dislodged or end up out of reach and coverage may be marginal.

Once a PLB is activated, its signal will be received at the Rescue Coordination Centre NZ (RCCNZ). They will take control and get help to you as soon as possible.

Whilst these safety beacons are a ‘must have’ in the bush, up a mountain or on the water, Robert’s story shows how they can be a life saver on the farm too. He is very thankful that they had made the decision late last year to purchase personal locator beacons for their team. These can be purchased online at and are priced from $329.00 (incl GST). They are supplied with a carry bag, lanyard, whistle and mirror.

Robert is extremely grateful for the local Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter and paramedics who attended his accident. As a Trustee of the HB Rescue Helicopter Trust he now personally appreciates even more how amazing this service is.

Robert encourages the rural sector to financially support the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter. As proven with his own story, you just don’t know when you may need their life saving service.

Lastly, this is a timely reminder for all clients (not only farmers) to think seriously about their personal safety.