Tax Due Dates
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Tax Due Dates

Don’t miss another tax deadline again. If you are unsure of what to file or pay and when to do so, do not hesitate to give us a call.
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Our PKF Dunedin Director, Jono Bredin has released his PKF 2020 budget summary.  Previously provided on budget day, from the depths of the Beehive in what he fondly referred to as the “Budget lockdown”. However, the term ‘lockdown”…
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Payday Filing and Casual Agricultural Employees

Payday filing: Under the new payday filing rules, if you are an employer you are required to file a return within two days of paying your employees (or ten days if filing manually).   Also, nil returns are no longer required…

Tax Guide to Farming, Forestry and Fishing

Due to his experience and specialised farming knowledge, Campbell Brenton-Rule has once again been privileged to co-author Wolters Kluwer’s “Tax Guide to Farming, Forestry and Fishing 3rd Edition”.   This latest edition…
Riparian Planting
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Riparian planting is tax deductible

Riparian planting and management is the restoration, enhancement and the construction of wetlands, rivers or streams inside a property. As this type of planting is recognised as a method of erosion control and water protection, farmers are…

Farm worker accommodation & PAYE

Where farm employees occupy a farm house rent free, the market value of the deemed rental is part of the employee’s remuneration and subject to PAYE.  This creates a residential rental situation, with deductibility of the running costs (insurance,…
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What Tax Free Allowances Can We Pay / Claim?

Tax free allowances can be paid to employees to reimburse business expenses that they have incurred on the employers behalf.
Tax Saving Advice for Farmers
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Tax saving strategies for the rural business

Farming incomes are subject to so many variables it can be difficult to forecast where you are headed but with a few years under your belt, you start to get a picture of how things look in a good year versus a bad year. This helps us develop a business model which can be used for all sorts of future planning opportunities such as succession and purchasing additional land.