Tax Due Dates
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Tax Due Dates

Don’t miss another tax deadline again. If you are unsure of what to file or pay and when to do so, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Sheep production weaning - mating

 Camille Flack, Vet Services Hawke’s Bay If you are breeding sheep, your year starts at weaning. A lot of farmers focus on the average price and weight of lamb going out the gate up until autumn. At this stage, the horse has already bolted.…

Farm worker accommodation & PAYE

Where farm employees occupy a farm house rent free, the market value of the deemed rental is part of the employee’s remuneration and subject to PAYE.  This creates a residential rental situation, with deductibility of the running costs (insurance,…
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A little planning makes a difference

The forestry sector has been identified as a high-risk industry due to the number of work related accidents and highly publicised fatalities. In fact, during the recent changes in legislation relating to Health and Safety in the Workplace, commentators…

Using bank feeds in Cashmanager RURAL online

Bank feeds are a secure connection to your bank that automatically import transactions into your Cashmanager RURAL online program which can save you hours of tedious data entry. This feature is currently available through ANZ, ASB, Westpac…
Dairy farm accounting packages

9 key steps to knowing your numbers

Over the past few months I have been talking with a number of different rural business owners and it’s interesting to see the vastly different mindsets they each have even when they are in the same industry faced with the same challenges.…