Tax Due Dates
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Tax Due Dates

Don’t miss another tax deadline again. If you are unsure of what to file or pay and when to do so, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Team news - we celebrate achievements and welcome new team members

Celebrations Congratulations to Michael Jackson who is celebrating his 30 year anniversary with PKF Carr & Stanton this month.  Michael joined the business in November 1987, after completing his degree at Massey University, and went…
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Decreases to ACC levies for farming

The 2017 ACC levies for farmers have decreased, with levies down between 6-9% on the 2016 levies. These decreases have come about from the government passing on savings generated from improved ACC financial management. The average work levy…
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MBIE prosecuting farmers over employment obligations

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has launched a nationwide investigation into Employment Law compliance within the dairy industry. This has come about after a recent investigation into Waikato dairy farmers which…

Rural Income Protection

Rural Income Protection is expensive but what if you could get ACC to pay for some of it? We all know ACC will pay up to 80% of your income for accidents. But what if your income has been reduced due to a bad year or maybe your accountant has…

Cashmanager Rural - End of financial year checklist

End of financial year checklist When the new financial year is under way, you should start thinking about getting the financial information for the previous year ready for us to use for preparing your financial returns. If you haven't already…
Riparian Planting
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Riparian planting is tax deductible

Riparian planting and management is the restoration, enhancement and the construction of wetlands, rivers or streams inside a property. As this type of planting is recognised as a method of erosion control and water protection, farmers are…

Onwards and upwards

As I read about the latest leaders’ debate and consider the impact of a possible change in government, I can’t help but feel some empathy for our primary producers.  There is some sentiment out there that our primary sector are creaming…

How will the new rules on farmhouse expenditure affect you?

If you are a farmer (which includes agricultural and horticultural businesses) and claim costs related to your farmhouse such as electricity, phone, insurance and the like, then this change will affect you and you will need to make changes to your accounting system to bring your claim into line with the new tax law for the 2017/18 year.
Campbell Brenton-Rule
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Understanding your profit

"I’ve made all this profit – so where’s it gone?!" Does this sound familiar?   It’s probably the number one question we are asked and usually comes about when the tax needs to be paid. In simple terms, profit is not what’s…
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Water – balancing environmental and productive demands

Water is a finite resource. While it appears to flow endlessly down our rivers, and is pumped perpetually from the ground, there is only so much to go around. Effective management of our water resource is vital to ensure its benefits can be…