Rural Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental health and the wellness of our nation continues to be a real issue.  Sadly, statistics show that our farming communities are far from immune to the struggles of mental health.


The farming industry has some challenges that make it unique, i.e.: a huge reliance on the land, issues outside of farmers’ control such as weather and politics, increasing compliance requirements, isolated working conditions and it has historically been a bloke’s industry.

There are a number of groups who are putting resources into providing support to our local rural communities.


The Federated Farmers have been calling for a new approach to rural mental health after data shows no decline in farmer suicide rates over the past five years.  They have a great page on their website with easy to access links that may help you or someone else in need: – Support for Rural Mental Health


East Coast Rural Support Trust offer a free and confidential helpline where you can chat with someone about yourself, your business, finances, or someone else who may need some help.  Their team are rural people, so they understand the challenges of rural life.  If they are unable to answer your concerns, they will help connect you with people who can.  Their number is 0800 RURAL HELP (0800 787 254) or visit their website at


Xero have recently launched their XAP (or Xero Assistance Programme) which offers free counselling for 12 months to all their starter, standard and premium subscribers.  For more information please click on the link below: – XAP – Supporting Mental Health


We encourage you to look after your own mental well-being and check in with your fellow farmers to make sure they are okay.  Please do not hesitate to contact one of the support groups mentioned if you require some help – it is okay to ask for help!